Captain Mark was amazing today. The launch was touch and go, but the captain kept his patience and we made a successful run. After making it through the surf we headed North. We quickly were on a school of rockfish with some ling cod scattered in. The swells were big and so were the fish. Three or four more stops and we soon had our limits of rockfish. Working our way back towards the launch we started working towards our limits of lings. When we were finished with lings, a quick run to the crab pots finished the day off in style. Captain Mark brought us to a safe, sliding stop, what a great end to the day. Thanks Captain Mark!!.... Seth Parks and Pat Rinaker Slay Them!!! My father in law and I headed out with Cpt. Mark and Rod not knowing what luck we'd have. The weather came together the day before and what a treat the day was. Sunny skies, whale sightings, and oh yeah EPIC FISHING! Capt. Mark was a hoot. Super knowledgeable, funny and patient. Every spot he took us to we were pulling in fish. What a great day! Would highly recommend Pacific City Fishing and Capt. Mark. We will definitely be back!!!