Thanksgiving Fishing Trip

Took a fishing trip with my father for thanksgiving break and had a blast with Mark and Rod. Within minutes of fishing, we were pulling fish out of the water sometimes two or three at a time. Mark knows what he's doing out on the water and definitely knows how to catch a fish. After catching our lim...

Deep sea fishing pacific city

Deep sea fishing pacific city and we were catching.


It's not all play and no work for Captain Mark. In case you've ever wondered how we ensure our customers have such a fun and smooth fishing experience here's a look into what Captain Mark does during his downtime. The sand and salt water is tough on our equipment. The project for the next couple of...

Daddy Daughter and the Delinquent Dory Day

What a perfect day and experience for our fishing adventure. Thank you Pacific City Fishing for the great hospitality and fun. I went out with my dad who was visiting from Chicago and my (delinquent) husband. We live in Portland but come to PC often. We will definitely call Mark again. Coming in fr...

Buffalo sculpin

Buffalo sculpin. Had not seen one before so we looked it up.