Today was an awesome day of fishing! When we first showed up it was kinda rainy, but all we were hoping for was an amazing day of fishing with a forecast of great weather! On board is Toni, Brian, Allison & Kenzie with our awesome Captain Mark, This was Brian, Toni & Allison's second trip out and Kenzie's first! Crossing our fingers as we launch out in to the water, that today's weather was going to turn around and all of us were going to have an awesome experience to take back with us to tell all of our friends! And it did! Winds died down and on our first stop over a school of fish I think every rod went down! We never had a moment of silence or no action! We definitely weren't ready to go when Mark yelled "Ok that's limit! Reel in ladies!" The ride back was perfect and Marks timing of riding a wave in for landing was the best! We can't wait to go again!! If you've never been on a Dory boat we highly recommend it and by far to call Pacific City Fishing!! Fish On!!