The day after my brother's high school graduation, the family gathered for celebration at Pacific City. Dory fishing - the main event.  My dad, brother, aunt, uncle, best friend and I headed out early Saturday morning seeking adventure. My dad was the only one who had previously been, so this was to be a new journey for the rest.  Some of us got sick, others didn't. Some of us became rich in fish immediately, some of us had a more patient journey. While our experiences may have been a bit different, there was a few things we all had in common: 1. The beauty of the sunrise, ocean, and shore was breathtakingly enjoyable.  2. The excitement of having a fish on the line was addicting.  3. The pride you feel when someone you loves gets a BIG one is a feeling you never forget.  Most importantly, having Mark as a guide made all the difference. Kind and an inspiring teacher. Dedicated to our success.  Thank you.  I'll be back!! :)