One year ago, two boys and a dad/uncle made a trip to Pacific City to go on a dory charter, with a guide who they did not know. Turned out, they happened to pick the coolest and funniest guide they have ever met, and so one year later, they decided to make a return trip, along with the dad's brother Joe and his friend John. The day started dark, as they got soaked when entering the water. Immediately, they targeted the sea bass. They limited out for seabass in about one hour, along with the fact that they landed a six and a half pound seabass. They then headed out for the lingcod. Right away, they hooked up. Paul (dad/uncle) pulled in what he thought would have been a big lingcod, until we got to the boat and it was about six inches. 10 seconds later, they pulled in a good size lingcod. One hour after that, they got another one. Then they waited and waited... until Paul hooked up with something BIG! He reeled the behemoth to the boat, and it the infamous Crackan (octopus)! The preacher from the deep entered the boat, lashing put at anything he could get his tentacles on. They through it back, and carried on. They tried for about 20 minutes longer, and nick (one of the kids) chummed the water with his last nights meal. the group then returned to the beach, ending on a high note.