For my send off to college we did father son weekend  and have always dreamed of going out with the famous Pacific City dory boat fleet. When I heard that I'd have to wake up early in the morning I wasn't so sure about it, but when we got on the boat and shoved off into the water I was glad to be on the sea in the black of night w dawn breaking shortly. Amazing to see Haystack Rock looming ahead. What an experience.  Our morning on the waterater started off with non stop black rock fish catching while we got around to the side of haystack rock that you could never see from the beach. We limited out in an hour and went to check the crab pots which were full to the brim! After getting all the crab we could want after just two pots we went to fish for Ling cod. We hooked one up but it got away right up on the boat. Then we trolled for salmon and I hooked up a huge silver, it gave a good fight but I got it in the end. Happy days to remember while away at school.  Thanks, Mark.