City kid catches a Dungenous Crab

Went crabbing with an 8 year old city kid from Portland and hi parents. We pulled up 24 crabs and also happened to snag black rockfish along the way. He was very excited and can't wait to go fishing with Mark again!

Pacific city fishing guide

Pacific city fishing guide Aug 7 th. started off in the fog at 5 am with Adam And Ben Dirstine as well as ton, Jacob and Cindy Gentry. Not knowing where we were, our trusty guide Mark led us to a great pod of Rock fish Jacob brought in the first one but we all followed briskly tossing fish into th...

Pacific city fishing

Pacificcityfishing Met mark at 5:00 and headed out. Launched boat right on beach. Seas were a little rough some chumming over the side. In less than 2 hours mark had our limit and we were sitting back in his shop with feet up in the recliner. Watched mark filet out the fish in matter of minuets....

Pacific city salmon

Pacific city salmonYour browser does not support the video tag

Pacific city guide August

August pacific city guide fishing. Started the day at 5am. Went out with 5 of us including Mark. We hit our limit of sea bass within an hour of being out and moved on to try and catch some Chinooks. After catch and release of 9 "silvers" Ron Reames landed a beautiful 24lb Chinook. We ended the day...