Christmas crabbing

Crabbing was not that good for three hour soak today but very happy to get out on the big pond.

Pacific city Saturday great fishing

Great guide, hooked 3 nice salmon boated two, my big 500 lb one got off lol, crabbing was exceptional, first time in a Dory boat was a fun ride, we will be  back. Nice trip, cold but fun.  Thanks, Mark

25th anniversary spent with Captain Mark

Started the day by hauling butt thru some serious surf, fished on the calm seas. we caught widows, lingcod and cabezon. Had to throw back the lings and cabezon, that was a real bummer. A quick stop to pull in 48 crab and then hauling butt back through the surf right onto the beach. Tons of fun.

Andrews meal of crab from P.C.

Walla Walla Ledford brothers 

Never been on a dory boat.   Mark made the fishing great.   Limits for all.   We will be back.,   Jack Michael  gig Harbor and Portland. Great time and limits for bottom and Crab.