A magnificent weather day to fish with Mark, Brian and my oldest grandson Marley. Our launch was as good as it gets at dawn. Smooth motoring to the reef and setting up with the drift we immediately see bass on the surface feeding. We jig fished, pitched plastic worms and drifted to consistent action. Mark moved often to stay on the bite. Early morning clouds gave way bright sunshine. We moved to Mark's crab pots to find them loaded. From the crab pots we salmon trolled our way to deeper water. Not finding salmon we returned to the ground fish and continued to score. With limits of crab and bottom fish of bass and 1 Irish Lord we headed to shore with Mark making a text book slide onto the beach. From there Mark takes to his place and proceeds to cook crab while he and his wife clean our catch. The day with my grandson and Marks skill at the helm combined with the beautiful summers day will not be soon be forgotten.