Dory Fishing with the Dads. Since I was a child I've watched the dorys launch off the beach at Pacific City thinking how much I wanted to go out and fish and crab at this fantastic spot on the Oregon Coast. Finally some forty years later the chance to go out an bring my dad and father-in-law came along for 2 beautiful October days this year. On the first day, Mark patiently kept us fishing despite a snag or two on the bottom. By lunchtime, we had 24 sea bass, 3 cabazon, a couple of nice ling cod, and 30 some Dungeness crab. We spent the rest of the day processing our catch, after Mark and Dylan filleted our fish and cooked our crab. The next day, after a night spent dreaming of fish, we went out again. Once again Captain Mark came through. This time we brought back 5 ling cod, 21 sea bass, 24 crab, and a very nice King Salmon, 25 pounds worth! A great time was had by the three of us, and now our families will be enjoying the catch for some time to come. If you ever get a chance to go, take it, you will have a great time. Jim Cramer