The weather was as nice as it gets on the coast, warm sun and calm seas. Launching the Dory into the surf was just a prelude to the excitement and satisfaction of reeling in Rockfish, one after the other, while wondering if the ice box was big enough. With victory-fed spirits raised, we made our way to pull the crab pots, full of succulent, meaty Dungeness. It was then time to cast the salmon rods. The recent excitement of tugs and frantic reeling subdued as we watched our poles flex and release with the gentle swells. It was a time of peaceful reflection as we took in the breathtaking view of our beautiful coast and took deep breaths of the warm marine air. And then chaos. The pole is tugging. "Reel it! Reel it in!" Captain says. The crew gather around as the net scoops the monster salmon among cheers and slaps on the back. And then another tug and another magnificent silver salmon hits the deck, and then... calm. Just tranquil calm and a relaxing lunch. The time to pull ashore was far too soon. This was not a trip any of the Fireside Home Solutions will forget.