The 4:30 wake up call was met with dark, clear skies and a slight breeze. The day's crew of Bob, Matt, Frank, Scot, Gavin, and Adam met our guides Mark and Rod at 5:30 where we quickly loaded up and shoved off into calm waters. The day started with immediate bites fishing sea bass and non-stop action until we limited out. Moving on to Ling cod and Rockfish we had more success with the biggest surprise being Gavin hooking an octopus. As the day moved on we decided to give trawling for silvers a try and landed a couple before heading towards shore to haul in our limit of crab. After a day full of highlights we regrouped with Mark and Rod back at home base where they prepared the filets from our catch, cooked crab, and we reminisced about the day. It was a fun day, even if the jokes didn't always land (Rod), our guides were great and are sending us home with a lot of fish. It's something I'd definitely do again.