Woke up this morning hoping that my dad and husband would catch a couple fish, but I left with an adventurous memory. I'm from Utah, so the ocean is quite a bit foreign to me. We left in the rain into some choppy waves and I won't lie I was afraid. I wasn't expecting it to be as wild as it was already beginning. After we got out, the first cast brought in 3 Rockfish. I knew it was going to be a good day. After about an hour my dad and husband had already reached their limits. My dad even caught 2 fish twice in a row. Along the way we saw a couple whales and sea lions too. I never realized that boating on the ocean feels more like a roller coaster than a smooth ride. It was wild. We moved onto crabbing and pulled in so many. I've never even seen a crab before, I didn't know they could be so big. I'd have to say my favorite part was getting the boat back to shore or really just full speed crashing onto the sand. I was sure that I was going to fly right off into the water. My expectations of a laid back quiet day were met with constant waves, creatures, and adrenaline. I would do it again any day.