I woke up at 4 am on June the 12th. I knew it was going to be a great day not just because it was my birthday but because I was going to have an experience of a life time, fishing on the Pacific Ocean. Despite having to get up so early I was wide awake. My uncle, aunt, and I got situated on the boat and prepared to take off. When we got on the water the view and feeling was indescribable. Everyone on the boat caught the most remarkable fish and I was able to finally catch my first fish after years of trying. We felt the ocean breeze on our faces and smelt the fresh sea air. The crabs we got were also amazing, being on that side of catching is unparalleled. I'd recommend this excursion to anyone I'd meet, even if fishing, "Isn't your thing" I'd still urge you to try it. The crew were well equipped, friendly, and knew what they were doing. They'd make it a fun time for anyone.