This past weekend at the Oregon Coast in Pacific City was fabulous. The weather was typical spring weather at the coast. Warm and sunny one moment, cloudy and windy the next.  Fishing was great as always, the views of the coastline from the ocean were gorgeous. The beauty of Oregon is a constant reminder of why we put up with the long rainy winters! Not only is the fishing fun there are other things to see while out bobbing on the waves of the mighty Pacific. The Rock has a variety of birds that roost right in the middle of the fishing area. There are also other marine life besides fish that swim by every once in a while. We've seen Orcas, Humpback Whales, and even a sea turtle the size of a Volkswagon bug. If you're not a fan of going out on the ocean, take your sea sick medicine and try it for a couple of hours. You may have so much fun you won't even notice that your on the ocean!