2 days experiencing 'Dory' fishing with Mark from Pacific City Fishing (excellent weekend) it was an all time best fishing experience. Day ones highlight (besides limiting out on fish) was the perfect hook slide into the beach for a smooth landing! That brought me plenty of smiles. Day two included Our long time friends for an awesome couples day on the water. Dungeness crab galore to start followed by and immediate hookup with Rockfish for all 4 of us in the boat. Action was fast and furious as we got into a schools of BIG fish! Needless to say, limits were reached quickly. Next we were onto the Lingcod and were we started the real fishing. Along the way, we had a gray whale continually off the bow which made the experience even better. Mark worked hard to put us in fish and had saved the best for last as we landed several monster cod, amongst a myriad of other fish. This was a day well spent!! Mark is an affable professional who taught us quickly and kept the lines baited and in the water. He also displayed some excellent 'netting' skills as we landed the large cod. Released a big female cod in the picture And finally, the launch and landing were executed to perfection. That last 'slide' onto to Pacific Beach was the perfect exclamation to a perfect experience. Can't wait to clean and eat crab while sticking our freezer for many us seafood dinner for the months ahead!! RW