My Princess Party

The day was dark, the crew was handsome, and the fish were biting! What can I say, my first fishing trip was a blast! We all had an amazing experience, Mark is an excellent Captin made are fishing trip great. Every time we come and stay in Pacific City we make sure to book a fishing trip with Mark a...

Pacific city fishing trip

The pacific city fishing trip was a fun one. It started early and ended early for some of us. But we had some troupers. This morning we started early.... Very early. We drove to the boat and we loaded up; we were on our way! It was cold... So the jackets were appreciated greatly. After a while we co...

The Grayt Fishing trip

We woke up early in the morning. It was really the middle of the night. Then we took the short drive in foggy weather to meet our tag team to get out on the ocean Once on the boat we lifted off into the surf. On our way through the fog, to the salmon spot, Kong island appeared in the distance. I swo...

Fishing pacific city Oregon Pins

Fishing pacific city Oregon - Pins family, had an amazing time catching Rockfish and Crabing. Princess Sarah caught the most fish and was the only one who kept her lunch. David, Sallie, and Daron were not so lucky but a great time was had by all!!

Dylan Roberts the early years pacific city

Dylan Roberts the early years pacific City