Herring for salmon in 2014

Fresh herring for salmon this summer(2014). We caught some good ones!

Pacific city fishing

Pacific city fishing. What kind of star fish do you think this is?

Fish on!!

Mark proved to us he can find the fish and catch them, had a get time a blast going over the waves. Caught or Limit of sea bass & almost limited on cod. Dwayne Nelson

Sea Bass & Ling Cod Fishing Expedition

This would be the sixth time we've been out on the boat fishing. The first time out with Mark and my dad, I was only an overly ambitious 8 year old little girl happily reeling in big salmon. Now an 18 year old college student, there's nothing I love more than going out early with my dad and Mark to...

Dory Fishing with the Dads

Dory Fishing with the Dads. Since I was a child I've watched the dorys launch off the beach at Pacific City thinking how much I wanted to go out and fish and crab at this fantastic spot on the Oregon Coast. Finally some forty years later the chance to go out an bring my dad and father-in-law came al...