Successful dory boat day

Six good friends, 1 guide , 45 sea bass, 5 coho and 36 crab, pretty good Lytle day on the water!!

Pacific city fishing charte

Pacific city fishing charter. Limits with the family

Pacific city salmon and rock fishing

Pacific city salmon and rock fishing. Mark is Dah man! We caught 3 limits of rock bass and 2 of us tagged out!!

Caleb smith

Caleb smith holding grandpas salmon fillets. Papa said he cool with it. We ate crab while Caleb napped.

Fish ON

Morning started off weather was awesome and ocean was smooth. Mark took us right to the spot where the fish were finning and we knew we were in the right spot. After we caught our limit of sea bass it was off to find the elusive salmon. We had a great time fishing with Mark!! And the experience...