Day at pacific city dory

Day at pacific city dory. New experience launching through the surf! Great time, lots of fish. Mark made us feel safe and explained everything. R. Haynes Rhonda h

Pacific city dory fishing dinner

Pacific city dory fishing dinner

Pacific city salmon

Pacific city salmon for great eats

Pacific City Dory Fishing

Pacific City Dory Fishing Great day hitting limits for bottom fishing with 36 fish of Black Rockfish and Blue Rockfish. Sometimes landing two at a time! Crabbing was very positive - getting a dozen dungenous crab, mostly 'California Keepers'. Great day all around! On boat: Matt Schreier, Mark Sch...

Day on the Big Blue

A magnificent weather day to fish with Mark, Brian and my oldest grandson Marley. Our launch was as good as it gets at dawn. Smooth motoring to the reef and setting up with the drift we immediately see bass on the surface feeding. We jig fished, pitched plastic worms and drifted to consistent actio...