Pacific city fishing

Pacific city fishing we had big bass today with my son and his friend. Landed on the beach in a dory boat. 

My awesome Day on the water

Today we started with pulling up the crab pots and in two pots we got 27 keepers!!! Then it was time to fish we started out catching fish left and right. We continued catching sea bass throughout the morning and it was great. When it was time to go back Mark when full speed straight for the beach an...

The Pendergrass Boys

Three generations Aub Ian and Cass had a great day but of course the old Man had to show us how it was done. Looking forward to a fresh caught dinner 

Ocean fishing

Lukas Scarborough age 10-I thought that we would just get past all the surfing waves and it would would be calm but it was definitely not. My neighbor got seasick after about 5 minutes. We caught our sea bass limit pretty quick. We went to get the first crab trap and we got to keep every one in it....

Aidan and Lowell's Epic Fishing Adventure

The weather couldn't have been better, we saw whales, and caught a ton of beautiful black Rockfish!  And crabs, amazing crabs.  Over two dozen!  So much fun.  We can't wait to do it again!