Grandpa’s big ling cod day

I had so much fun today. It was a lot more fun with no green people. There was a lot less fog today as well. We were done so quickly because we caught our limit super fast. I had a lot of fun on my fishing trip. I can't wait for next time. -Ellie

Fun with grandpa

My mom and my uncle got sick quickly it we met four feet. But my grandfather and I didn't. We had so much fun. We caught 36 crabs a lot of fish. It was really foggy but the ocean was calm. As we were driving a gigantic floating rock was coming through the fog. There were sea turkeys all over the pla...

Family crabbing trip

This year on our family beach trip we went crabbing with Mark. We had so much fun on the dory and finding the crab pots. After we came back and they cooked the crab for us. It was an awesome experience!

Had a great day on the water !

Leaving the beach and going threw the surf is crazy ! Caught lots of Sea Bass and some nice Ling Cod as well , Crab ,Crew was awesome and very helpful , nice guys . Coming in was the first time I've ever been on a boat that purposely ran a ground , again crazy Fishing with Mark was a blast. Very di...

Great day with mike and family in Pacific City fishing

Great day with mike and Family in Pacific City Fishing