Today's Dory Fishing Adventure

4am Rise and Shine (well not so sure about the shine) 5:15am Head to Pacific City (hubs doesn't wanna be late!) 5:30am Pit stop .... it's gonna be a few hours before I can go again ... Lol 6am Meet the Captain, Bob and group (Vido, Mark and Bob) at Pelican Pub 6:05am Load up in the boat (yes I w...

Highly recommended!!!

Took off early and were not just fishing but catching within 15 minutes of leaving shore! All of us limited out on black bass (6 a piece) in no time--one even caught three at once! We then went trolling for salmon. After a short time, Mark put us on salmon like nobody's business! Had a triple in the...

Steve, Tom, Scott, Kai, Collin, lingcod,  dungeness Crab, rockfish

We woke up at 5:15, and were on the water by 6:30. Caught a lot of fish 

Fun day on the water

Six rock bass , one cabazon , one ling cod, coho salmon that we threw back. And a star fish! Fun fun day!!!

Limited out in 2 hours!

We got up at 4:45 A.M. and got to the meeting place at 5:45. We launched and went to the first crab pot. My little sister screamed almost half of the way there, but I loved it. We got 3 pots and maxed out. We then proceeded to start fishing. I got 6, Dad got 6, Mom got 6, and my sister got 6. We got...