Summer Date on the Water

Perfect day of fishing with mark! Caught our max of rockfish in a flash and grabbed some delicious crab too. Lost breakfast over the side but replaced it with freshly cooked crab!

Two good day in Pacific City 

Two good day in Pacific city fishing crabbing. Ling cod has slow but a few and rock fishing is lights out as well as crabbing. 

Awesomeness in Oregon

Crabbing and fishing in the sea. Immediate gratification!!! This has definitely gotta be on your bucket-list.

Eclipse fishing

Great time on the water with Captain Mark!

Lings and bass like a boss...

Awesome day.  Smooth launch in tough waters, beautiful sunrise.  Limits of crab for 6 guys from 3 pots.  36 black bass, 2 blues, a canary, one cabbie, 4 lings and done.  You would think that coming back ashore is the best part, but wait till you get to Marks garage for the post g...