The slammer

I completly wore out my arms realing in this hog. Had a blast got our limit of rock fish and got to release a giant cod Ryan and Charrisse And Robbie

Family trip to the coast 

My father in-law and I came over from northern Idaho and had an awesome time fishing with Pacific City fishing! They know exactly what they are doing and got us on the fish all morning! Will absolutely come back every year! 

Dory dominators

Fagundes Reunion- Frank, Mike, Mark, Joel and Brandon hit quick limits on rock fish bringing up 3 on a single line multiple times. Stuffed crab pots sent us home with 60. Ling cod came up big and heavy. 2 blueberrys and a cabezon rounded out the morning. Capt. Mark put us on the fish and made easy w...

Reaching Our Limits

Our family (Randy, Matt, and Bryan) had a great time fishing this morning. All three of us brought home our fish limit with Rockfish and the more experienced fisherman (Randy) brought home one beautiful Link Cod. Matt bowed out early with motion sicknesses, but was able to return to the shop to file...

Dory Boat Full of Fish with a Hint of Blue

Caught a ton of fish, all of them putting up a good fight but not good enough! Dory landing was awesome! The highlight though was catching my blueberry lingcod. That baby was beautiful!