Happy Dad’s Day Corey!!b

3:30 am and a couple of hits to the snooze button. Are we really getting up this early to fish? Yes. Yes we are. "It's going to be awesome!", I cheered only to be met with groans and protest. We literally drug Sean out of the bed by his ankles. Little did we know that Seany Boy would out fish us all...


Woke up this morning hoping that my dad and husband would catch a couple fish, but I left with an adventurous memory. I'm from Utah, so the ocean is quite a bit foreign to me. We left in the rain into some choppy waves and I won't lie I was afraid. I wasn't expecting it to be as wild as it was alrea...

3rd trip out-sea lions, whales, fish-oh my!

We come to Pacific City every summer and the visit always starts with Pacific City Fishing and Mark! We always have something memorable-and Mark and Rod make the experience a comedy! This time it was also a scenic tour-we saw whales spout, seal lions and it was a beautiful sunny calm day on the wate...

2018 Pacific City Fishing trip

We all met up around 5:00 am and hit the water by about 5:15. It was rainy and a little bit windy which made for an exciting launch. The rock fishing was excellent and we were sometimes pulling in a couple at a time. We even caught a nice sized ling cod. We got to see whales.


Pacificcityfishing today and got a wolf eel. Let it go. No Halibut we tried for 5 hrs. Tough day fishing for Butts. Wolf eel was angry as you can see.