Full boat on the rough seas

Limited on salmon and plenty of crab today! The wind came in early today and seas were rough. We drifted pretty far south but all had a great time. Best of all was the tough landing on the way in. Today, Kelly Pearson, Lindsey Reider, Charlie Reider, Calvin Anderson, Dan Pearson, and Joe Pearson we...

Best guide in PC

Best guide in PC

Great experience!

Mark was great, caught our limit early. Good times, definitely coming back for more.

Limited out early!

Limited out on Sea Bass & crab before 8am! Capt would not afraid to travel. Customer experience more important than gas prices. Good times!!!

Successful dory boat day

Six good friends, 1 guide , 45 sea bass, 5 coho and 36 crab, pretty good Lytle day on the water!!