Friends since elementary school!

Had a chance to spend some time in Pacific City with my good buddy Garry and our wives. We like to fish in Canada but Dory fishing with Mark and Rod was amazing. Maximum fish and crab action and the Dory trip is icing on the cake.////Tim, Ben, and Lee second the message of our Canadian fish mates!

Minnesota reunion

Good times on the ocean. We had a smooth launch and were in the fish in no time. We brought in full crab pots and landed on the beach in style. Everyone on the beach wanted to be us! We're glad we came back out with Mark again.

Pacific City Fishing

Pacific city fishing had another epic day on the water!! Conditions were challenging but we persevered!!!

Amazing fishing with my cousin

Amazing fishing with my cousin and uncle multiple limits of bottom fish and three limits of giant dungeonus crab and my cousin caught a 35 lbs ling cod it was an amazing experience today with my family and the captain was funny, nice and helped out as much as he can.we let the big female cod go to h...

Father and son fishing trip

A couple of months ago my dad asked me if I wanted to go out in the ocean fishing in a dory. I said yes without really knowing what a dory was so I did a little research and was surprised at the fact we would be launching from the Beach. The day came and we set out right as the sun was rising. I was...