Jessica Baumann

Such a fun day fishing with the family! Limited on both rock fish and cod. Glad I wore my waders and rain jacket, because we got hit by a huge wave just getting the boat in the water. Wear em!nice china rock fish released

Best day ever!

Our day started at 4:45. I was the lucky one who started the day off with the first three black rock fish, followed by a ling cod keeper, and some cabazon. However the best part of the day was reeling up a monster 50 plus pound ling cod, but after a quick picture we released that one as it was a bre...

Great people in pacific City

Thank you Mark. It was totally our pleasure. I hope the Utah gang had a full on crab fest!We loved our adventure with Capt Mark and Lieutenant Bob... we hung around the house playing some games.. tide pools at Yaquina Head lighthouse, ate a lot of crab-Gretchen and I ended up cleaning it all, fish...

Good customer

Message: Hey Mark! Just returned to Marsing, Idaho from a wonderful trip to Pacific City. Went fishing with you last Tuesday with my brother in-law Chris. We were the ones with seasick girl and her dad also from Idaho. I was “that guy”😊 I had the best time! Used to fishing for rainbows and...

Can you I.D. These fish from pacific city

Can you I.D. These fish from pacific City