Pacificcityfishing Christmas 2016

Pacificcityfishing Christmas 2017 We had a great time cought lots of fish and crab. But the dory ride in and out of the beach was the most memorable part. Mark made this first timer feel very comfortable.

Late Season Rockfish

James and I heard there may be a break in the weather and opportunity to get on the water for our first time fishing off of the Oregon Coast. Capt. Mark confirmed there is rarley a window in December and we should jump on it. So we made the drive down from Hood River through the chaos of the winter...

Fishing pacific city in September

Fishing pacific city in September. 7 lbs black rock fish. 

Pacific city fishing

Pacific city fishing. This was a great morning on the water then the seas got a bit bumpy. 


Pacificcityfishing fillets and crab too eat.