Pacificcityfishing great day on the water and lots of fun. Crabs and fish.

The Perfect Birthday Present

I knew I wanted to get Austin a birthday present he'd never forget. We both value experiences over material items, so I started thinking about some of the more unique experiences in Oregon. Austin's always loved Pacific City - he frequently tells me its one of his favorite places in the world. He al...

Lost in the fog

I had no idea where we were in the fog, but fearless Captain Lytle seem to know exactly where he was. After we missed Haystack rock, the next challenge was finding space on the beach to land. Did we mention a nice bunch of fish? Great day!

Dory fishing with Mark Lytle

Great day on the Pacific at Pacific City with Mark Lytle. Tackle slaughtering Sea Bass. Meaty Dungeness Crab, and beefy bottom fish. Thrilling one of a kind take off and landing executed by a salty seasoned skipper. Weather was ordered up by the Pacific City chamber of commerce. Sign up now!

Friends since elementary school!

Had a chance to spend some time in Pacific City with my good buddy Garry and our wives. We like to fish in Canada but Dory fishing with Mark and Rod was amazing. Maximum fish and crab action and the Dory trip is icing on the cake.////Tim, Ben, and Lee second the message of our Canadian fish mates!