Luster Pitz family first time dory boat fishing

We had some fun and put some yummy food for our family in the freezer What fun beautiful day

It’s always an adventure!

Every day on a dory out of PC is an adventure! Started the day with three Suburbans getting the launch vehicle unstuck, then off we went. First we motored out and pulled up the pots and brought in a bunch of crab. Then Mark put us on the rockfish, bringing in 2-3 at a time. Then off to the ree...

Oh my Cod!

Rockfish ahoy! These little bad Bass practically leap in the boat. Don’t get a snag in your line or you might miss out on the catch; I reeled in a tangled line with three of these puppies on and by the time I got myself untangled, my crew had already caught our limit! Next up was Ling Cod. Not...

First trip with my boss

We went fishing with mark today had an awesome time caught lots of big fish it’s a very fun and relaxing and nice to have laughs and to be able to fill the freezer


Great weather day on the Pacific Northwest coast. Fishing was good