Lots of rockfish and crab! And didn’t lose a child

Great day catching a lot of fish with the kids. Lots of rockfish, and had 5 salmon on the hook, but couldn’t land any. Plenty of crabs too!

Pacific city fishing

Pacific city fishing in style

Epic Adventure

As promised, what an epic adventure this morning! Launching just before dawn, we had fishing poles in-hand very quickly, and boy were there fish! Under the expert guidance of Capt Mark and deck boss Markus, everyone on board was pulling in one fish after another, getting our rockfish limit in...

The Red Rock Fish of Doom

It was my first time on the Pacific Ocean although my family has been deep sea fishing with Mark and his crew for years. I love fishing, and deep sea fishing is whole new experience. I caught four rock fish and the last one was a Vermilion RF. He put up a good fight, but I got him in the en...

A great day fishing!!!

Could not have been a better day fishing with Captain Mark and Marcus! Plenty of rockfish, coho salmon, and a gorgeous vermilion. Mark and Marcus were extremely helpful and friendly the whole time. Just a fantastic time. Bob DeLong