Trappers Day

Started the day before the sun was up. The crew was ready, so off we went. The weather forecasted wind, but it turned into a awesome day on the water. First order of business was bottom fishing. Right off the bat all aboard got into the action. The boat was limited in about an hour. Next we're Lingc...

New video

New video

An August Morning

The sun rose from the east with a fluorescent orange glow. We loaded the boat and headed on our way. Captain Mark called for a bounty of 30 Rockfish. We raced to fill the boat with the fish and before we knew it we had our captain's request. The sun is still rising over head and the neon sky is turn...

Birthday for Dad

The sun came up and we already caught a bunch of Rock Fish. Then we trolled for salmon and caught some great keepers. The icing to the cake was pulling up some great big crabs. Sushi and fish for our family of four ....can't ask for a better day on the water with Captain Mark and Rod

The experience

Was outstanding we limited out on salmon and rock fish had a great day, the take off and the landing was awesome especially the landing drives right up on the beach👍🏻👍🏻 also pulled crab pots, the day was a total success, I highly recommend it. It's time to eat&#x1f41f...