Great day on the water

It started out good with the rockfish on the bite. Then it was time to target the lings. As the picture shows the ling’ god’s we’re good to us. What a great experience with a great crew to fish with . We also picked up some great crabs to end our trip. Our thanks to everyone at Pacific City Fi...

Tiger rock fish. Pacific city

Tiger rock fish released Pacific city

Eazy limits

Went out early for Rockfish, Ling Cod and Crab. After finding schools that wanted to play, it was easy limits for Rockfish and Lings. We also ended up with several crab a piece. Great time launching and beaching the Dory also. Thanks Pacific City Fishing! Especially that launch! Breakers were...

Oregon fishers

We had the great pleasure of native Oregon fishers the other day, we enjoyed there company so much and they wrote us a note on there impression of the day. Thank you for this extra effort, Oregon Coast Fishing

Best Revenge West Coast Style

They say “living well is the best revenge”. Today, we lived well and caught lots of fish! If you are looking to have super fun, totally unique, 10/10 fishing experience, Mark and Marcus at Pacific City Fishing are the best. Highly recommend!