Salmon season is set in pacific City

Salmon season is set in Pacific City

Deep Sea Fishing

I came on a road trip with my family and I was told that we were going fishing in the ocean. I didn't know how I felt about it but I figured I might as well make the best out of it if it was not very fun. Turns out that it was a blast. I had a really good time catching fish with my dad and grandpa....

It all started at the ore house...

We grabbed dinner at the ore house and had a wonderful day of fishing the next morning. Mark was a fantastic captain and put us on plenty of fish. We limited out fairly quickly. I would recommend this to anyone!

50th b day

My son Kaden and I celebrated my 50th birthday on this dory trip. What an amazing time. The fish and crab where a bonus. The real fun was the beach take off and landing. Thanks for the good time we'll be back.

Father and Son

We stayed in Pacific City for spring break. My father and I always wanted to take a dory boat out for some ocean fishing. I called Mark at Pacific City Fishing. He was very easy to work with and suggested we wait a day due to the weather. It was worth the wait. It was an incredible time out in th...