First timer.

First time dory boat fishing. The launch was fun the fishing was great.We got our limit. Had a great time. The weather was even good. The return to each was quite exciting also. If you’ve never done this I’d recommend it. Thanks to pacific city fishing for the memories.

Success on Memorial Day weekend!

Wow! I’m still learning but Mark made sure it was a great day! Rockfish, lingcod, dungeness and a trip north to Cape Lookout for some fantastic sights!

Crab and Fish Galore

What a thrilling adventure. This was my first time on a dory boat and loved every minute. Mark found an awesome spot for rock fish and we limited in 40 min. Then on to pulling crab pots and then got some nice ling cod. Also got a canary fish and several cabazon that we had to throw back. I high...

Great fishing!

Got up super early and launched out into the ocean. Amazing adventure, big rolling waves, great fun and lots of fish! Mark is an awesome guide!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my husband! First time dory fishing with the amazing Mark Lytle. Watching the boat launch was breathtaking and the landing on the beach was spectacular. Oh yeah, and the fish! Great day on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Thanks so much!